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Your Likelihood of Getting Special Mortgage Discounts: HIGH

Thank you for taking our quiz.

Based on your answers, we believe there’s a HIGH (+90%) probability you qualify for several industry exclusive mortgage perks for medical professionals including. . .

  • Lender’s Mortgage Insurance Waiver: We may get lenders to waive your LMI fee of up to $51,819**.
  • Borrow Up to 100% of the Property Value: We may get lenders to offer you a higher borrowing limit than your bank (even if you’ve already been declined by your bank).

You'll Also Save Up To:


Per year



over 30 years

We calculated the above figures based on your desired loan size of 0.000. Our current finance providers offer a low minimum 1.98% interest rate to Australian nurses & allied health workers.

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Your total potential savings: $141,249*/**

($89,430 in mortgage interest over 30 years + $51,819 LMI = $141,249 in savings) */**

until this application expires

To confirm these savings please enter your information into our form above. After that a mortgage expert who works exclusively with your profession will review your case & contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have & help you proceed to the next step.

Note: This service is at no cost to you. There are no obligations, no fees & nothing to buy. Just simple, straight-forward answers to all your questions. We can only reserve your spot for 10 minutes so it would benefit you to fill the form out now.

*This is an estimate only and is based on loans with principal and interest repayments. Based on a comparison of a loan with an interest rate of 3.25% and comparison rate of 3.25% with and a term of 30 years with a loan of an interest rate of 1.98% and comparison rate of 1.98% and a term of 30 years. It is provided for illustrative purposes only and is based on the accuracy of information provided. It does not constitute a quote. All applications for credit are subject to normal credit approval criteria.

** Correct as off 2020-09-23. Calculated based on a loan size of a deposit of $52,632 and property value $1,052,632 and not a first home buyer and a loan term of up to 30 years and owner occupied and 11% stamp duty of South Australia and without taking Reduced Input Tax Credit (RITC) into account and calculated with GenWorth.

We've Helped Medical Professionals Save Over $10 Million On Mortgage Loans In the Last 6 Years

"It was just one call"

“I was looking at organizing the best possible loan and really didn’t have the time or the energy to find out what was the best around.

It was really just one phone call. You told me the best price you could get, the lowest interest rates, what it involved. You came to my own office and organized it all. That was pretty seamless.

I simply rang my major bank to see if they could match anything like that and they couldn’t. I had asked around and that was by far the cheapest rate for me.”

Dr. Ian Martin

Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon. Brisbane

"They were able to streamline everything for me"

“As a Director of Veterinary Specialist Services and a full time Clinician, I really am time poor.

They were able to streamline everything for me. It was very simple and very easy. As someone who’s dealt with banks for many years, this was a heck of a lot easier.

We didn’t even have to do anything much other than just get stuff together. They understand the veteran industry and are able to put a package together for us to save us all the work.”

Dr. terry king

Director of Veterinary Specialist Services. South Queensland

"Was much more personal than what I've experienced dealing with banks in the past"

“I found the experience really successful and worthwhile. I really appreciated the time they put into my individual case which was much more personal than what I’ve experienced dealing with banks in the past.

I also found the process very fast. The whole process was complete in a number of days as opposed to lengthy waiting times you might experience dealing with a bank.”

sarah black

Medical Executive. BC, Queensland

"They'll always source the best rates"

“They’re out there going to markets, so they’ll always source the best rates.

There’s also that other misconception that you’ve got to pay for your broker service or somehow because you’re using a broker it’s going to be a few extra quarters of a percent or something on top of your loan, but that’s just not true.”

Dr. anthony crombie

Maxillofacial Surgeon. Chermside, Queensland

Why You'll Save More Time, More Money and Pay Off Your New Home Years Sooner By Choosing Us Instead of a Bank or Regular Broker

From day one, our mission has been to give Australian doctors, dentists, nurses & allied health workers not only the best but the most suitable home loan options.

With 60% of Australians getting their home loan via a 3rd party, it makes more sense than ever to go with a specialist house who focuses exclusively on getting loans for people in your industry.

It only takes 30 seconds to get started.

Simply fill out the form that says “Talk to an Expert For Free” right now & an expert will contact you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a loan from any bank or broker?

In short, yes. But then you would get the same treatment as everyone else. You wouldn’t get an LMI waiver & you’d probably have to wait in long queues. Furthermore if you go directly to a bank, you’ll only see a handful of loan options. We have 40+ lenders on our panel, many of whom offer special perks to medical professionals because they see you as a low-risk, high return customer. This allows us to find the best loan to suit your individual circumstance.

What if I’ve been refused elsewhere?

We can still help you even if you have poor or bad credit, or have been refused for a loan from your local bank. We even know how to use your debt effectively so you get a deal that leads to financial freedom – not limitations.

Why are your services at no cost to me

Our service doesn’t cost you anything because our money doesn’t come from borrowers. It comes from connecting you with lenders who offer you loans you’ll have an easy time paying off.

What happens after the survey?

Once you complete our survey you will be offered a free consultation with a home loan specialist who focuses exclusively on finding loans for medical professionals such as yourself. There are no obligations, no fees & nothing to buy. Just simple, straight-forward answers to all your questions.