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Who will call me?

One of our medical lead lending specialists will to speak with you shortly. Our team works exclusively with medical professionals and we are passionate about the Healthcare industry and will be able to tell you exactly what mortgage perks & savings you can expect, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a loan from any bank or broker?

In short, yes. But then you would get the same treatment as everyone else. You wouldn’t get an LMI waiver & you’d probably have to wait in long queues. Furthermore if you go directly to a bank, you’ll only see a handful of loan options. We have 40+ lenders on our panel, many of whom offer special perks to medical professionals because they see you as a low-risk, high return customer. This allows us to find the best loan to suit your individual circumstance.

What if I’ve been refused elsewhere?

We can still help you even if you have poor or bad credit, or have been refused for a loan from your local bank. We even know how to use your debt effectively so you get a deal that leads to financial freedom – not limitations.

Why are your services at no cost to me?

Our service doesn’t cost you anything because our money doesn’t come from borrowers. It comes from connecting you with lenders who offer you loans you’ll have an easy time paying off.

What happens after the survey?

Once you complete our survey you will be offered a free consultation with a home loan specialist who focuses exclusively on finding loans for medical professionals such as yourself. There are no obligations, no fees & nothing to buy. Just simple, straight-forward answers to all your questions.